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C Programming Summary

STRENGTH OF MATERIALS provides knowledge on concepts and calculation of forces on materials, thermal stress, shear force and bending moment, bending stress, shear stress and torsion in shafts. The course assessment is carried out in two sections: i. Coursework (CA) Coursework is continuous assessment that measures knowledge, technical skills and soft skills. - Test - 30% - Quiz - 20% - Case Study - 20% - End of Chapter - 30% ii. Final Examination (FE) Final examination is carried out at the end of the semester.


INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE covers various types of engines, piston engine process analysis, combustion process and fuel characteristics, engine’s criterions and comparison, as well as various engine parts and their functions.

introduction to construction




GEOTECHNICS 2 covers basic knowledge of site investigation, seepage, stability of slope, design of retaining wall, bearing capacity design for shallow foundation, deep foundation and improving soil characteristics. This module also emphasizes testing, analysing and presenting the data for SI and expose to various calculations.

Global Marketing provides students with an understanding of conducting marketing in a contemporary global environment. Furthermore, students will appreciate the rising significance of global orientation and explore the processes used and the environment encountered by the global marketers. Emphasis will be placed on the development of marketing strategies for a variety of markets in diversed cultural, economical and political situations. Focus will be on global products, global communications, global distributions and global pricing.

COMMERCIAL LAW provides knowledge regarding business law which controls every aspect of business conduct in the world of business in Malaysia. The course emphasizes an introduction to the legal system in Malaysia and the use of commercial law which business law students needs to be learn. This course also provides a basic knowledge of contracts, agency, sales, partnerships, hire purchase and negotiable instruments.

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to prepare full set of financial statements consists of statement of comprehensive income, statement of changes in equity, statement of financial position and statement of cash flows.

At the end of the lesson, student will able to calculate tax liability for individual.

MARKETING CHANNEL introduces the concept, functions and flows of marketing channel. In this course, students will be exposed to the types of intermediaries used in marketing channel and the ways in which the environment affects the marketing channel decision. In addition, this course will also focus on how to design marketing channel as well as strategies to motivate and evaluate marketing channel members. Types of conflict, its sources, ways to resolve them, evolution in the marketing channel and the importance of logistics in marketing channel will also be discussed in this course.

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING provides students with information on basic definition, concept and term in marketing, its orientation and the elements related to it. This course emphasizes the marketing principles, environment, segmentation, marketing mix, consumer and business marketing.

Computer Application provides knowledge and skills to students relating to various types of computer systems and its application especially pertaining to hardware and software. This course also exposes students to different packages of software applications for word processor, spreadsheet, project management, presentation and internet. The students will also have opportunity to manipulate and create a variety of techniques and styles to produce documents, spreadsheets, charts and presentations. This course emphasizes on the practical aspects of using computer applications.

the course is designed for semester 1 students, which focuses on dictionary skills, social conversation skills and basic basic presentation skills.